Welcome to Kiev

Kyiv (also known as Kiev), a scenic city of close to 3 million people situated on the Dnipro River, is the bustling capital of Ukraine. Ancient Kievan Rus, which reached its greatest period of ascendancy during the 11th and 12th centuries, was a center of trade routes between the Baltic and the Mediterranean.

Basic data KYIV  
2 799 199 (2011)  Ethnic composition: Ukrainian 82,2%,Russian 13,1%, Others 5,7%

Basic data  UKRAINE
Population: 45 962 900 (2010)    Territory: 603,628 km 2  ( 45th ), mostly consisting of fertile steppes (plains) and plateaus. The only mountain chains are the Carpathians in the west and the Crimean Mountains in the extreme south.   Highestpoint: Mount Hoverla 2,061 m    Rivers: Dnipro, Dnister, Donets, Bug, Danube      
Hryvnia (UAH)      Official languages: ukrainian, russian      Drives on the right      Religion Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Folk Architecture and Life Museum Pyrohovo

Podol - historical center of Kiev

Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky